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Dive Sites (just a few) there's many more to choose from for your favourite! The range on Gozo is vast ! 


Xlendi Bay & Tunnel is a beautiful bay to dive with great marine life and with its hidden gem Xlendi Tunnel which cuts through the headland via an 80 meter tunnel with a great views both within the Tunnel and on both sides as can be scene from the picture. The bay is suitable for all levels of diver


Tug Boat Rozi nr the ferry on Malta
Advanced Divers

This is one of 2 wrecks near the ferry to Gozo on Malta. Formerly a UK tugboat and was sunk many years ago and sits at 35 metres. Excellent wreck dive.

Inland Sea
Suitable for Advanced Divers

The Inland Sea is a small semi-circular area of water and leads to a enormous tunnel - about 85 metres long with a depth range of 2 metres at the start to 28 metres at its exit into the open sea at the end. This is a favourate with photographers. At the far end you can turn either right of left along walls, boulders and reefs or just dive into blue.

Xlendi Bay with a great view of a friendly Cuttle Fish which can frequently be seen in the bay. This amazing creature is often watched for ages and displays a wide range of colours. They frequent the bay virtually all year round.

Cuttle Fish Movie 2018.mp4_snapshot_00.27.027.jpg

Ras il Hobz

Suitable for all levels this site consists of some lovely bay areas plus a stunning 40+ mts pinnacle some 25 mts of the shore. The pinnacle is more suited to experienced divers who have mastered their buoyancy. The fish life is abundant. It is also a site that can be used for Technical Diving

Arch at Comino.webp

Arch at Comino Caves/Reef
Suitable for all Divers

This can be visited when we have a day out on a chartered boat dive day. This arch and the caves at Comino give you a special relaxing day out of good company and diving. 

Blue Hole
Suitable for all levels

The Blue Hole is one of the iconic dive sites on Gozo and which many dive schools on Malta bring their customers to dive.  So why not stay on Gozo and enjoy all that it has to offer plus sites like the Blue Hole with its boulders, reef and Chimney

Cathedral Cave
Experienced Divers​

Based on the north coast of Gozo at Ras il Kanun, this dive is fascinating but requires a degree of agility to reach the ladder for this entry down into the inlet.

REQQA-CATH-CAVE-038-Kopie (2).jpg

MV Cominoland
Advanced Certification Required

With the keel resting on on the sand at 40 metres the MV Cominoland is for divers with Advanced and/ or Deep Specialty qualification. Sunk a few years ago as an artificial reef, the wreck now has resident fish species including Octopus, Moray Eels and the occasional Conger as well as numerous fish from large to small

Double Arch Reef
Advanced Divers

Double Arch is situated due north of Xwenji Bay on the north coast of Gozo. Can be dived from the shore via a swim out and descent onto the reef, or for those qualified via a DPV where you can see shoals of barracuda, bream and large grouper. The arch provides the diver with spectacular views through the twin arches.

Double Arch.jpg
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