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Have you ever been diving and wondered what the names and characteristics of all the fish and other amazing life that you see underwater? Look no further as this Project Aware Course explains and teaches you about the families and relationships that exist between the many species. Who gets on with who and just as important about who does not! Included is a bit about the ecology and more importantly,  about the depletion of the world fish stocks and what we can do to help in its prevention.


Course Requirements:


You must be a certified PADI Open Water Diver or similar qualifed diver from another training agency.


Minimum Age:


10 years of age.




The course consists of two dives which may be done on the same day; knowledge reviews following a classroom presentation by your Instructor and the planning of the two dives. In the presentation you will learn the following:


  • Project Aware Philosophy and the protection /awarness of the World's Eco System

  • Fish Families and characteristics

  • Fish Survey and Fish Identification

  • Planning and procedures for fish identification and collection of data for survey purposes 


By the end of the course you will be able to recognise species of fish by their various attributes such as fins, mouths and where you might fid them in the worlds oceans. WE can arrange to send you a PDF of the manual Project Aware 'Our World Our Water' should you wish to read about the subject before you come to Gozo. Please let us know.


Please note:


An underwater slate and pencil is useful tool to write down what you see and in addition a fish reference guide is a valuable asset.

Project Aware Fish Identification  €175.00 (Includes Certification & Manual where available)

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