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Project Aware - Dive for Debris - €150.00 including Manual and Certification

There is a huge emphasis in the current climate with regard to the massive amount of debris that continually finds itself on our shores and in our seas. Some finds its way by accident and some is 'thrown away' without a thought as to where it eventually rests or the damage it does to our environment, the Eco-system and our marine life. Through PADI's/Project Aware's various specialist courses we teach both young and not so young of the importance of the long term damage to our planet and the life that lives on it and in it. At Utina and on Gozo we not only regularly bring rubbish back from our dives but also encourage customers to do the same. We also actively take part in organised events such as Earth Day, World Ocean Day and several other International Beach Clean Up Events. Last year alone, from the efforts in Xlendi, we removed a total exceeding 500 kgs from the shore and the sea. 

The PADI Dive for Debris Speciality can be incorporated in conjunction with any other course once you hold the rank of Open (Jnr) Water Diver. It is possible to complete this course in a single day on its own or, if appropriate, combine during any other suitable course.

The course consists of:-

  1.        Course Outline (Aims and Objectives)

  2.         Course Lessons

  3.         Knowledge Review

  4.         Open Water Dive and Planning a debris collection dive


Little do we realise how long our rubbish exists after we have thrown it away. The little table alongside gives an indication as to how long it take for certain types of debris to bio-degrade.

This year you could be one of the happy divers in this picture on one of our 'Clean Up Adventures'.

The course will teach about the Eco System, Why it is so important to both humans and wild life, Logging your debris collection and many other aspects

Come and join US soon.

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