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PADI Sidemount Diver - €375.00 - (Includes Manual & Certification where available)

A spin off from Technical Cave and Cavern Diving, the skill of diving with side attached cylinders is becoming popular among many recreational divers. It obviously requires specialist equipment with regard to regulator set up and the 'BCD' or harness and there is a range of various multi-purpose and single purpose kits. For many divers it makes donning equipment less of a chore as the cylinders can be carried to the entry point and then attached in the water. Diving requires different techniques and these are taught to you and put into practice during the course. Initial skills are taught in dive one with more skills and practice in dives two, three and four. Many students may wish to continue to dive sidemount for the rest of their stay and a small additional charge for cylinder and equipment hire will be made for this option. There is no tuition in the optional extra dives as this is purely for recreational purposes.


Course Requirements:


Minimum PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent rating from another training agency and be at least 15 years of age.


Minimum Age:


Age 16 or over.


Course Duration:


There are study sessions, knowledge reviews and classroom presentations to be completed after which there are a total of four water sessions. We would expect to complete the course within 3 days. Apart from the study and theory sessions, the course consists  of one confined water dive during which initial skills are practised and completed and three open water dives in which you gain greater experience in the use of the sidemount system by actually diving; gas management and switching and buoyancy tecniques. The dives will be limited to the depth indicated by your existing training and qualifications.


Please note:


The PADI Sidemount Manual and Certification Card as well as the equipment is included in the course price but if you have your own suitable equipment an appropriate reduction would be made in the price of the course. The manual can be sent to your home address, at a small additional cost, so please let us know if you would like us to send it to you.

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