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PADI Oxygen Provider Course - €125.00 - (Includes Manual & Certification where available)

It is the goal of this course to train all divers (PADI Junior Open Water Divers and above) and those in a position to help divers (boat captains, lifeguards, etc.) in the proper use of emergency oxygen. This entry-level emergency oxygen course also teaches the recognition of diving illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen, but the specific details of dive accident response and management are left to the PADI Rescue Diver Course.


Course Requements:


There are no diving pre-requisites for this course.  The student must be of an age so that they are able complete the performance requirements of the course.




Less than one day


Required Materials:


  • PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Manual  

  • Non-rebreather mask(available from Utina) 


Recommended Materials:


  • PADI Emergency Oxygen Care at a Glance reference

  • Gloves - protection against bloodborne pathogens


You will acquire knowledge on CPR and resusitation which are important to the application of oxygen in an emergency situation. You will be able to us an oxygen cylinder and mask and practice the set up of the equipment


Please Note:


The PADI Manual and Certification are included in the cost of the course and the Non-rebreather Mask can be purhased from our shop. The course manual can be sent to your home address at a small additional cost so please ask us if you wish us to send it to you.


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