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News from Utina for 2023                       See our Blog !   Click on Utina Blog! on the Homepage

The new season of 2023 is upon us with Easter only a few weeks away. For many there have been visits to the various dive shows in Europe and the UK so many are now focussed on where to go ! Gozo is still one of the top destinations for the UK and mainland Europe and here in Gozo we are getting ready to welcome you whether you are already a customer of Utina or a new visitor to Gozo and looking to find a warm and friendly environment for you and your family to dive or learn to dive. We are fortunate that we are based in scenic village of Xlendi and only 75 metres from the beach, which is ideally suited for learners and novice divers plus, in addition, the awe inspiring Xlendi Tunnel for your first venture into such and beautiful underwater experience.

BIG NEWS FOR WRECK DIVERS !  The new wreck for Gozo has

been sunk and is waiting for you !!  It is located at Xatt L'Ahmar/Red Bay.

The black box will show a short video and click HERE to see some details

of the wreck.

There are also plans for another wreck to be scuttled in that area as a

Planning Application for a smaller vessel known as P33 has been made.

Whilst there are many diver training agencies, PADI still remains the world leader

in scuba training and through its centres and resorts train more divers than all

the other training agencies in the world and where better than to learn to dive

than the Island of Gozo - the Gem of the Mediterranean. Online training for the

academic parts of PADI courses is becoming more popular and also saves

valuable time when you are on your diving holiday. This can be done before you

arrive at Utina so if you wish to explore this option please feel free to get in

touch and we will guide you through the process. The materials are easy to use and come in a logical sequence with inbuilt knowledge reviews so that your progress can be monitored. We are at the end of an email or telephone should you need more knowledge. 

Xlendi Bay is the ideal place to learn to dive with the beach area being only 75 mts from the centre and with crystal clear water and wonderful marine life you can fulfil that dream and become a qualified diver and meet people from all over the world in a picturesque friendly environment.

So why not come and join us and experience the joys of either learning to dive or actually diving here on Gozo. Contact us through the website using our Contact button header of this page or email us at Follow us on our Blog where we post points of interest from time to time.

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