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Hello everyone. We are now a long way into the 2021 season at Utina. Like most dive centres Covid-19 restrictions have taken their toll. Last year saw closed by law until July 2020 and after a brief spell of being open in the latter part of of the year, we were then into lockdown again until May 2021. Despite best efforts of our customers making serious efforts to get to Gozo, the combined efforts of airlines cancelling flights, entry and exit restrictions and requirements imposed by governments has meant another quiet season so far. Nevertheless a big thanks to all who managed to get here !!!


An amazingly hot summer has seen water temperatures up to 31 celsius and even at depth, it

has been very warm. The visibility at times has been fantastic   

This year has seen an award by PADI for Utina for having been a PADI member for 20 years and of course we​

are proud to have achieved this.

Whilst there are many training agencies, PADI still remains the world leader in scuba training and through

its centres and resorts trains more divers than all the other training agencies in the world.  

Where better than to learn to dive than the Island of Gozo - the Gem of the Mediterranean.

Xlendi Bay is the ideal place to learn to dive with the beach area being only 75 mts from the centre and with crystal clear water and wonderful marine life you can fulfil that dream and become a qualified diver and meet people from all over the world in a picturesque friendly environment.

So why not come and join us and experience the joys of either learning to dive or actually diving here on Gozo. Contact us through the website using our Contact page by hitting the button above or email us at Follow us on our Blog where we post points of interest from time to time.

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