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Welcome to 2019 and the start of a new season gets under way.  Gozo is looking as good as ever and very green as we have had a fair bit of winter rain.  We have had a few winter storms and the winds have been very strong. Water temperature is around 17° in the more sheltered spots but getting warmer all the time and will reach the upper 20's at the height of the season.


We are looking forward to yet another busy year at Utina carrying on from last year when it was a busy time. We will have more trainee Divemaster's and will host at least 2 IDC's so if you want to join the ranks of the PADI Pro's get in touch soon.


The weather is getting warmer as is the sea and we feel the summer will soon be upon us !!


PADI Course Director Neville McLellan will be guiding candidates through the IDC to their successful completion of their I.E. These events need to be planned in order to run efficiently so please enquire early so we can plan your stay and training schedule to help you fulfil your ambition. There are many options for achieving your goal so contact us and see what we can plan for you. Gozo continues to be a very attractive place to both dive and become an Instructor as it posses so many varied dive sites suitable for all levels. It is becoming very popular within the Tec Diving community due to its easy access to the deeper dives necessary for technical diving. Last year saw Chris Elson and Jo Frith become new Instructors in May and again in September, more successes with Sophie Norton, Marcel Daas and Didier Paivin joining the ranks of the PADI Pro's.


Whilst there are many training agencies, PADI still remains the world leader in scuba training and through its centres and resorts trains more divers than all the other training agencies in the world.  Where better than to learn to dive than the Island of Gozo - the Gem of the Mediterranean.


Xlendi Bay is the ideal place to learn to dive with the beach area being only 75 mts from the centre and with crystal clear water and wonderful marine life you can fulfil that dream and become a qualified diver and meet people from all over the world in a picturesque friendly environment.


The shop side of Utina continues to expand its range of 'diving and other goodies' providing customers with somewhere to shop for items from clips and torches to a range of masks, fins, snorkels, boots and booties including a wide range of quality snorkel and mask sets for snorkelers and full foot fins – all from leading quality manufacturers.


The link here will give you all a view of wonderful Gozo as seen through the eyes of Ace Photographer and PADI Instructor Tobias Koller during his stay in Gozo in 2014. The video was awarded 'Video of the Week' on the website. Click HERE to view the video.

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