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Microdive Open Water Course - Manual €95/Full Course €195

The Microdive Open Water Scuba Course is designed for those whose only wish is to dive in shallow water and have limited time available to learn how to scuba dive. Shallow water is defined as water with a depth of up to 9 metres.


The course contains the same, academic, pool based skill assessment and open water certification dive elements as more complex programmes but with scaled down content to suit the depth rating. Approved by the H.S.E (Health and Safety executive) and Insured through Lloyds of London, this course can be completed in as little as two days and is available for anyone of 10 years of age and over. Those who have already completed a Microdive 3 metre programme but who wish to increase their depth rating can upgrade to this 9-metre certification without having to cover skills which have already been mastered, so can complete it within just one day.




The Microdive Open Water course provides a certification level, which will allow you to gain access to some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world. Most of these hide just a few metres below the surface where it is warm, clear, colourful and teaming with life. This scuba course teaches you all that you need to know to be able to visit these places without having to engage in lengthy and unnecessary training.



  • Open Water Course Manual

  • Dive Log Book

  • Quiz

  • Support DVD

  • Zipper Wallet

  • Pre-paid Qualification

  • Certification card

  • Certificate

  • Accident and civil liability insurance for the duration of the activity


NOTE: You may purchase the manual from us or directly from Microdive. If you purchase the manual from Microdive then you will need to pay us for the practical element.



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