Microdiving is the new inovation in diving for those that want to learn to dive in water up to 9 metres. The courses qualify you to 5 mts or up to 9 mts. The theme is 'Learn to Dive in a Day'. This concept is the brainchild of Rob Hart  - Managing Director of Microdive Limited and the inventor of the famous Mini-B. The courses offered by Microdive Limited are approved by the HSE in the UK it are now fast becoming a popular way in which to enter the diving world especially if you only wish to explore the all of shallow reefs of the world and just see fish! and maybe a few other interesting things as well.


If you are an RYA Powerboat Member(Royal Yatching Association), you are now required to complete the the RYA Microdive qualification as part of your membership. The Basic Diver Course is an essential skill for maintaining your prized possession!


There are several categories for the Microdive Course so please click on the button below to view what suits you! If you click on the Microdive logo it will take you to the Microdive website.




Scubagozo Xlendi Utina PADI5* Dive Diving

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