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Microdive Explorer - Manual €59.00 or Full Course €179.00 

The Microdive Explorer experience is ideal for those who only wish to learn to explore the underwater world independently in warm, clear,shallow water whilst on holiday from a beach or a boat and who have no desire to engage in deeper diving activities


The Microdive Explorer experience is an H.S.E (Health and Safety Executive) approved qualification, which comes with built in accident and civil liability insurance through Lloyds of London for the duration of the activity.


This new and exciting experience sets the new world standard for entry level scuba diving by lowering the bar of entry to certification to a level where everyone can become involved.


Benefits: ​


Conventional scuba courses are more expensive and take more time and are designed for people who wish to dive to 12 metres and beyond, which is why so many people are sometimes put off. The Microdives Explorer programme provides, a safe, sensible alternative for those whose only desire is to dive in shallow water from perhaps a beach, into clear, warm water whilst on holiday.


Now you can learn to dive to just 5 metres in just one day.



  • Easy to read manual

  • Quiz

  • Accident and civil liability insurance

  • Temporary certification card

  • Pre paid certification

  • Certificate

  • Certification card


NOTE: You may purchase the manual from us or directly from Microdive. If you purchase the manual from Microdive you will need to pay us separately for the practical element.

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