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Diving in cold water should not be a problem - diving and being cold however is a problem so why not learn the skills to dive with a Drysuit not in cold water but in the warm crystal clear waters of Gozo. This course covers the knowledge and techniques of dry suit diving. The minimum number of recommended hours is 12 with emphasis placed on the use of dry suit operational principles, care and diving techniques. Diving with a Dry Suit requires different techniques from that of a wetsuit and therefore involves the need for special training. These will include an introduction as to the various types of suit i.e Neoprene, Compressed Neoprene, Membrane and Tri-Laminate combined with the procedures, problems and the hazards of Dry Suit Diving. We will teach you the proper procedures for buoyancy control, ascents and descents, routines and user level maintenance and performance.


Minimum Age and Qualifications:


The minimum age to take part in this specialty is age 10 or over and be a qualified (Junior) Open Water Diver. It is possible for the integration of this course with that of the qualification of (Junior) Open Water Diver.


Course Duration:


This course involves two open water training dives as well as confined water orientation use and a suggested study and practical course time of 12 hours.


Course Materials:


It is suggested that you purchase the Drysuit Crewpack. The cost of the manual is included in the cost of the course. We can arrange for the manual to be sent to your home address, at a small additional cost, so saving time on your diving holiday in Gozo.


Please Note:


The Drysuit Specialty Manual and your Certification is included in the cost of the course.

PADI Drysuit Diver - €275.00 - (Includes Manual & Certification where available)

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