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Try Diving - €60 - (1 water session of skills + shallow dive) 
Discover Scuba Diving - €90 - (1 water skill Session and 1 Open Water Dive)

This is not a Scuba Diving Certification Course but an introduction to the underwater world.

Discover Scuba provides you with a small classroom session and a quick quiz where we will

show you a video and the equipment you will use and then you will be taken to shallow water

where you will practice some simple skills and then go on to experience scuba diving with a

PADI Instructor. This shallow water session may last anything up to an hour.


The second session in the water will enable you to put the skills that you have learnt in shallow

water into practise in an actual dive. With the full Discover Scuba Diving Experience you will

dive in Open Water Dive up to a maximum of 12 metres. On successful completion you will

then be able (if you wish) to continue to dive with us for the remainder of your holiday. You

may love it so much that you wish to proceed further and either upgrade to Scuba Diver 

or full Open Water Diver. If you do this, then what you have already accomplished will be

taken into account. For more details click on Scuba Diver or Open Water in this text or click

return to Courses at the bottom of this page.




  • Discover Scuba Diving Leaflet

  • Swimming costume and towel - the rest is up to us !




Discover Scuba is a single dive involving skills and then a shallow dive to a maximum 6 metres. Discover Scuba Diving is 2 dives. The first water session will take about 40 minutes after which we will renew your cylinder and then back into the water for the dive in Open Water. You will need to allow at least a full half day for the classroom and water sessions.


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