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PADI Digital U/W Imaging - €175.00 - (Includes Manual & Certification where available)

This is the new PADI Digital Underwater Imaging Course and, with so many modern and relatively cheap cameras on the market which combine both disciplines, it makes sense to have one course covering all aspects. There are two course components for the full Specialty Certification, the first part will qualify for the Adventures in Diving and/or Advanced Open Water Course. You will have a choice of either Compact Digital Camera of one of the new HD Video Cameras that can take stills as well as HD Video. We would teach you the basic of underwater shooting, the importance of buoyancy and different camera settings. All of the pictures you take will be yours to keep and can be copied or sent to you via an internet website so that you can continue your experience by editing the pictures/video's with one of a huge range of programs that are available. The first part teaches you the basics of 'point & shoot' video/photography underwater and Part 2 takes those core components to a higher level. Maximum depths will be limited by your training and experience. It is vital that you are able to master buoyancy control in order to take good video's/pictures and we would always recommend that the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty is a must and can count towards your Advanced Open Water Certification. During the course you will learn about composition, sunlight, positioning and angles when taking your pictures. You will learn about the PADI SEA Method (Shoot, Examine and Adjust) and also about downloading your photo's and the use of various file formats that are used. Editing programs such as Photoscape, Picassa, Photoshop, Photo Commander  and Literoom or one the many other makes of editing programs available. Most of these are available in basic or professional format


Course Requirements:


PADI Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver certification (or qualifying certification from another organisation)


Minimum age:


10 years old




Recommended Course Hours is 6 hours minimum including open water training of two dives either on the same day or on separate days. Separate days are preferred as this will allow you time to look and study the video's/photographs taken on your first dive and consider angles, focus, arrangement and whether the video/photograph may need editing with suitable software.


Course Materials:


The combined course manual is in the process of being  produced and will be available shortly but in the meantime your Instructor will use the appropriate aspects from the 'old course' manuals. A White Balance Card and a digital camera and housing. Students can rent a suitable camera at a small additional cost. The certification is included in the cost of the course. Further details can be sent to you by email should have any questions or queries. 


Please Note:


The PADI Certification is included in the cost of the course.


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