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This is the very first exciting step for kids who want to learn to dive with scuba in the same way as Mum and Dad. This is an introduction to the underwater world and something tha you will never forget.


Minimum Age:


If you are 8 or 9 years old then you can take part in a PADI Bubblemaker experience.




Allow 2 to three hours. Either Mum or Dad or both will have to be present for the first part of the experience as they and you will need to watch a short videoand sign certain forms. After that you will be looked after by a PADI Instructor on a 'one to one' basis. The equipment you wear will be the same a Mum and Dad's but smaller and lighter.


The Bubblemaker Experience:


We will make sure that you understand what the Bubblemaker is all about and then we will take you calm water and you will use scuba with an Instructor to a maximum depth of 2 metres and for 30 minutes maximum duration in the water.  In the crystal clear water you will see ish and other underwater sealife; you will watch them swim on the reef; follow then as they swim round boulders and see them with thier fish friends. You will also see small crabs and starfish and maybe the odd baby Moray Eel. 


This is something that will stand you in good stead for when you are older (10 years plus) and you actually learn the art of scuba diving.


At the end of the experience you will get a Bubblemaker Certificate confirming your great achievement!!



PADI Bubblemaker - €60.00

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