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Basic Diver / RYA - Manual €90.00 or Full Course €179.00

Microdive Basic Diver/RYA Course means that you can learn to scuba dive to three metres in just 1 day!


The Microdive Basic Diver programme was written for the Royal Yacht Association in 2012 for use within its Powerboat division but has now been made available for everyone to enjoy.


This is an H.S.E (Health and Safety Executive) approved qualification and comes with built in insurance cover through Lloyds of London.This scuba course teaches you everything that is needed to be able to dive safely to a depth of 3 metres / 10 feet, so is perfect for those who simply need to be able to get under their boat or swim with the fish in the shallows.


The course contains the same academic, underwater and surface skill assessment and certification dive elements as more complex training programmes but with scaled down content to suit the depth rating. Regardless as to whether you are an individual who wishes to learn to dive safely to 3 metres or you are a boat owner who needs to be able to get under your boat to maintain or service its needs, but haven’t the time to engage in lengthy training programmes or the desire to dive to the depths of the ocean this course is ideal for you




​The Microdive Basic Diver Course can teach you how to get underneath your boat safely whilst using breathing apparatus, in just one day.The benefits of being able to get beneath a boat when the need arises will be obvious to the boat owner and clearly outweigh the limited time and cost involved in gaining the skills which will allow you to do so.



  • Microdive Basic Diver Manual

  • Quiz

  • Pre Paid Certification

  • Certificate

  • Certification Card

  • Accident and Civil Liability Insurance Included


Please note that you may purchase the manual from us or directly from Microdive. If you purchase the manual from Microdive you will need to pay us for the practical elements.




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