PADI Adventure Diver - €250.00 - (Includes Manual & Certification where available)

This ideal for those who wish to continue their diving experience to follow on from the Open Water Course.


Course Duration:


You will need 2 days for three dives and some classrooom work with your Instructor relating to which PADI Specialties that interest you and that are available. As well as the three further dives there will be presentations by your Instructor relating to the procedures on the dives that you have chosen in conjunction with your Instructor.


Speciality Course:


Your choice will depend upon your circumstances but the following are some of the courses that you may select from; Boat Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Wreck Diver, Night Diver, Underwater Navigation, Deep Diver, Multilevel Dive, Search & Recovery, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Photographer. Depending upon the courses that you choose there may some additional costs for example for Boat Diver & Night Diver. Each of these dives will count as the initial dive leading towards the appropriate full course Specialty Certification with the exception of Digital Underwater Photography where the full 2 dive Specialty is required.


Duration: PADI programs are performance based. You proceed as you demonstrate mastery of the skills for your chosen specialities.


Course materials:


PADI Adventures in Diving Course Manual and is included in the price of the course price as is the PADI Certification! The manual can be sent to your home address at a small additional cost so that you can begin the theory part of your course before your holiday in Gozo!


Please bring your Log Book 

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